Quality Milk Replacer Products

At NRV, we produce the highest quality of milk replacer to make happy and healthy calves. This is why we are committed to being your partner from 0 days through 6 months. We know that the first 6 days are crucial, the next 6 weeks you’re crossing your fingers, transitioning period at 60 days, and finally the ruminant you have been waiting for at 6 months! Our products are designed to support the nutrition of your calves while keeping your business requirements in mind. All our employees are devoted to raising calves not only for themselves but making sure that everyone has the ability to do the same! When it comes to raising healthy and happy calves we are in it together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce the highest quality milk replacer and supplements for calves. NRV products will promote and support the transition of a non-ruminant animal into a ruminant animal. The end result is a healthy and happy animal, which is economical for our customers. We pride ourselves in training and educating our employees and customers to make sure the highest quality of products and services are provided at all times.


Our Commitment

We work with all types of producers, products, and calf raising styles. Our high quality calf specialists, nutritionists, and staff will provide knowledge and advice to meet your needs! We will always provide the highest quality milk replacer and supplements needed to meet the development needs of your calves and business.




Our Journey

Today we have been in business for over 40 years and keep running! We believe in staying current with new research and development to make sure we are always advancing technologies in an effort to keep our customers and their calves happy and healthy! Today and the future will bring many advancements and new technologies. NRV will be right there keeping you informed and your calves happy and healthy!