Dairy Beef and Veal Nutrition Replacement Products

Gen III Lyte

Rehydrate Calves FAST.

High Performance Generation III Electrolyte Nutrient Product for Dehydrated/Scoured Calves.

Young calves can not digest most starches or dextrose polymers, so the challenge was to find a polymer with a chain length long enough to reduce osmotic pressure and one that calves could digest.

Gen-III Lyte is a unique “Generation III” electrolyte that “pushes” water from the intestine into the blood to Re-hydrate Calves….Fast!

Re-Hydration is a two-step process: 1) balance osmotic pressure; 2) absorb water. Most electrolytes actually “pull” water from the blood into the intestine because most electrolytes have a very high osmotic pressure. In severely dehydrated calves, this is often fatal because water moves from the blood into the intestine to balance osmotic pressure before absorption can occur.

Gen-III Lyte is made with a unique, low-osmotic pressure formula that actually “pushes” water from the intestine into the blood within seconds! Once osmotic pressure is balanced, absorption continues to deliver vital fluids and electrolyte nutrients to the calf. Gen-III Lyte has multiple sources of metabolize bases without sodium bicarbonate – which means you can continue to feed milk or milk replacer without concern of interference. Calves drink it fast!
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For a great start to life.

Quality product for raising heifer replacement and dairy beef calves. Nutra-Melk can be a traditional all milk protein calf milk replacer or an Alternative protein blend milk replacer. All Nutra-Melk milk replacers are designed to be fed 12 ounces of powder per 2 quart feedings allowing calves to be fed up to 3-4 times per day!

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Ranch Blend

Take your calves to the next level…nutrition.

A unique fat encapsulation process protecting milk protein and vitamins. An all milk protein milk replacer or alternative protein blend milk replacer for calf raisers who have adequate hot water and mechanical mixing. Ranch-Blend is designed to be fed at a concentration level of 12 ounces per 2 quart feedings and to be fed up
to 3-4 times per day.

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Arrive alive

Arrive Alive™ is a dietetic complementary feed for the stabilization of water and electrolyte balance during times of stress. During periods of scours due to bacteria or virus, feed Gen-Ill Lyte electrolyte.

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